The full timeline of our Quranic Arabic program

Where 'Literature: 3' is placed along the program:


We will be reading:

  • Tafsir Ash-Sha'rawi
    • A very conversational tafsir, as the author dictated it and so was transcribed with very conversational language, using many stories and anecdotes to push the points forward and explain things in a very easy and interesting way.
    • Great for beginners to Tafsir, more so than others, which are either too simplistic or too technical.
    • Starting with Al-Sha'rawi: Surah Al-Hujurat (49)

This course is for Intermediate students who have some experience reading Arabic without the vowels, and would like to further improve their Arabic reading and practice reading a commentary of the Quran in Arabic.

Course length:

There are 11 hours worth of content, divided into 10 lessons.


You will be assigned chapters for at-home reading and review every week.


Two pre-requisites:

  • Ability to read the Quran 
  • Completion of Literature: 2, or equivalent

Materials Required
Students Receive
A notebook & pen
Every recording
An internet connection
All materials used by the instructor
A computer / phone / tablet, with a working speaker
Direct access to instructors through a WhatsApp group

What comes after Literature: 3?

Literature: 4

In this course, we will further improve our Arabic reading and practice reading 'Stories from the Lives of the Companions' in Arabic

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the classes live?

    These classes will be live, and will be available afterwards as edited recordings.

  • Is there an age requirement?

    We've had students from ages 8-70+ in our courses and they've all enjoyed it and benefited. We recommend children under 10 take the class with an adult.

  • Do you offer scholarships?

    We never want finances to stand in the way of learning. If you require financial aid, contact us at and we will find the best solution for you.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    If you register for lifetime access for one course, or subscribe monthly, and your expectations were not met, then you may email us within 30 days at to receive a prompt, no-questions-asked, full refund.