Understand Quranic Arabic Level 4

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In Understand Quranic Arabic levels 1, 2, and 3, we covered the fundamentals of Quranic Arabic. 

Do you feel you need more vocabulary and want to feel more confident in your learning? Level 4 is focused on helping with both of these problems. 


There are 16 lessons, altogether.

  • Eight 2-hr lectures on the course materials.
  • Eight 1-hr Quran Translation workshops.


In level 4, we will be covering the Arabic science of 'Sarf', which deals with the patterns and root letters of Arabic words.

For example, the root عالم (knowledge) is found in: عالم (scholar), معلوم (known quantity), معَلِّم (teacher), متعلم (student), عَلِمَ (he knew), تَعلم (she knows), سيعلمون (they will know), عَلَّم (he taught), تعلم (he learned), علامة (great scholar), and so on.

You'll be learning how these roots occur in the Arabic language, and how to identify their patterns in order to increase your vocabulary and comprehend Quranic Arabic at a deeper level. We'll also be learning how to use modern methods of researching these roots, in order to further our understanding. We will be applying this knowledge directly to the Qur'an, in order to see results when we read Qur'an and hear it in our prayers.

Level 4 will cover 4 Verb Families (including the most common families - 1, 2, & 4), as well as a lot of Qur'an translation and practice.

The remaining families will be covered in UQA level 5.


The homework is to review family tables and the vocabulary words of the week, in order to cement them in your memory. Each person has their own level of memory and familiarity, so some may not require any review, and some may require more time to review.

What's after level 4?

UQA Level 5, which will cover the rest of the families. It will run as long as UQA4.

UQA Level 5 can be found here.


Completion of UQA level 1 and 2 minimum. Completion of Level 3 preferred.

For those coming from outside of UQA: This means you recognize the basic differences between the past, present, and commanding verbs. You also understand how fi'l and ism sentences are put together. You also understand the parts of a sentence (e.g. doer, adjectives, possession, etc).

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Your Instructor

Imam Adam Jamal

Founder of Quranic

Imam Adam Jamal is an imam and Education Director at the largest masjid in Washington State, USA. He holds a degree and ijazahs in Islam as well as a Master's in Education. He loves that look when students start to understand the words of the Quran.


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