Let's Recite the Quran!

In this class you will read the Quran with the help of an expert teacher.

Have you always dreams of being able to read the Quran fluently?

Have you always wondered when you'd ever get the chance, or the time?

What if you could do it in two hours a week?

From the instructor:
"I believe that the Quran should be taught with love, patience, and mercy.
Last month, alhamdulillah 400 students completed the Nooraniyyah a tried and tested curriculum for learning to read Arabic. We've learned the alphabet and are now prepared to read the Quran ourselves.
I'm really excited to see our progress in this next course."


In this course, we will continue to work on our pronunciation  on the Arabic alphabet. Especially those tricky letters that are unique to Arabic.

Like ذ vs ز vs ظ

Or ث vs س

Or ت vs ط

And, of course, ع and غ

And so on.

We will also learn the rules of recitation that are unique to the Quran. The elongations. The bounces. The nose hold. The Silence of the Laams. Our terminology of course.

We will focus on fluency and, when we get a chance, we'll also work on beautifying our voices. But fluency comes first!

There are sixteen 1-hr lessons. 


Practice. Practice. Practice.

What's after level 2?

Level 3! But focus on level 2 for now.


Level 1! You can find Level 1 here.

Alternatively, a basic knowledge of the Arabic alphabet. You don't need perfect pronunciation, or to memorise every letter. You only have to be able to read the letters.

Students receive:

  • access to every recording
  • a link for a friend to access the course

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See you inside the course!

Your Instructor

Imam Adam Jamal

Founder of Quranic

Imam Adam Jamal is an imam and Education Director at the largest masjid in Washington State, USA. He holds a degree and ijazahs in Islam as well as a Master's in Education. He loves that look when students start to understand the words of the Quran.


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