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How we helped the Iqraa school incorporate Quranic Arabic

Iqraa is a weekday Quran/Islamic school led by Ustadha Hanadi in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Iqraa students would go from reading Arabic straight to memorizing the Quran and teachers knew that students weren’t really connecting with the Quran.

Ustadha Hanadi reached out to us in order to adopt our curriculum as they were looking for a solution to help their students Understand the Quran. 

Their teachers underwent the training program and have already taught the course twice. Their teachers consisted of native-speakers, non-native speakers, new teachers as well as veterans.

They just made their second order of textbooks alhamdulillah.

Imam Adam interviewed two of the teachers who underwent the teacher training program and taught the course: Ustadha Sara, who was an experienced teacher, and Ustadha Hana, who was a first-year teacher. Check out the full interview below:

Insight from The Islamic Community Center of Hillsboro (ICCH)

Ustadha Manal teaches Arabic at ICCH in Hillsboro, Oregon. Before starting the Quranic curriculum, her students could read the Quran in Arabic, but didn't understand it. 

With just a few months of the Quranic Curriculum, her students completed written and oral assessments in Qur’an Reading, Arabic Grammar, and Comprehension and tested out of Year 1 of the Qalam Seminary (Classical Arabic) directly into Year 2, alhamdulillah. 

Watch the full interview below where Ustadha Manal answers YOUR questions:

  • What unique aspects of the curriculum sets Quranic apart from others? 
  • How was teaching the course? 
  • How did it help you as a teacher? 
  • What was your students' response? 
  • Has the students' relationship with the Quran become deeper and more profound?
  • How quickly were you able to see results? 
  • What was your proudest moment?


What our other teachers have experienced:


Teacher in New York City

For Abdelminem, teaching was a mess before working with Quranic. He had tried teaching Arabic before but no other curriculum was as clear and structured as Quranic. Imam Adam’s support was also a huge help for him. He provided excellent advice about many things - like dealing with questions that are above the level currently being taught, for example. For that reason, the training is absolutely essential, in order for teachers to have a good sense of which direction to lead the class, and how to troubleshoot when there’s any issues in the class. Abdulminem really liked the Quranic approach of simplifying things in order to help people understand the Quran. The idea of dropping allegiance to the technical terms, and classical approaches, really helped to clarify the goals of the curriculum.

“The main reason I would recommend this program is that I think it’s unmatched. I don’t think there’s a program in which someone as qualified as ustadh Adam has spent as much time as he has spent trying to simplify and really make clear the beginning stages of understanding Arabic, with such precision and accuracy, without having to compromise much.”

Haseenah Booley

Teacher in South Africa

Having previously tutored Arabic, Haseenah had experience engaging with students, but she was quick to realize that teaching would be a completely different challenge. The thought of it was intimidating, and overwhelming at first. However, upon completing the training with Quranic, most of that fell away because she felt much more prepared and - most importantly - her questions were answered. She found the training to be focused on the teacher’s relationship with the students, rather than just the content of the course. Like the course, the training was very easy to follow, and built her confidence in a way that encouraged her to trust her own abilities.

“I  wasn’t required to have numerous hours of experience beforehand. The training is simple, it’s straightforward, and to the point, and it gave me the assurance I needed to start teaching Level 1.”

Bilal Baqai

Teacher in Philadelphia

Before working with Quranic, Bilal wasn’t sure he was cut out to teach Arabic to an adult audience - or any type of audience. He felt it would be a long journey before being able to actually begin teaching. Alhamdulillah, Bilal went through the curriculum with Imam Adam, and it was all fairly simplistic, with detailed examples about the questions he would encounter. And, lo and behold, those were the exact questions the students asked! Bilal has taught the curriculum five times now, and it has become progressively easier each time, thanks to the support Imam Adam offers.

“If you’re on the fence about considering whether to work with Quranic, take that first step, and you’ll realise that once you’ve gone through the training, it becomes much, much easier.”

Amnah Ali

Teacher in Seattle

Amnah has been teaching, using the Quranic curriculum, for 2 years, and she has seen many students through the course. They have all loved it. The best thing about the course is that it helps the teachers and students engage with the Quran with minimal effort. Also, Imam Adam was always willing to hear the feedback from Amnah and her students and take it into account when revising the curriculum. Amnah was able to easily communicate with Imam Adam, and loves that the curriculum is great for people of all ages. She has had students from age 10, to high school students, to students aged 70+. Some had no prior Arabic knowledge; others were native Arabic speakers who brought their children to learn.

“I would highly recommend this course. Anyone who has basic information and basic understanding of Arabic can engage with this curriculum as a teacher. The videos from Imam Adam can help them learn how to teach and deliver this curriculum. It’s a great curriculum.”