Bringing Quranic Arabic to Your Community

Engage your community members with a fun Quranic Arabic program

With our Award Winning Quranic Arabic program, you will be able to:

  • increase your community's learning
  • help your community connect to the Quran
  • make people excited about the Quran again
  • teach Quranic Arabic to your community members

Who is it for:

  • Administrators who want to increase community programs, classes, and bring in more revenue

  • Arabic students/teachers who want to bring Quranic Arabic to their community

  • What is a community?

    • a mosque

    • a masjid

    • an Islamic community centre

    • holiday programs (for youth and adults)

Quranic Arabic is:

  • Something parents and children can learn together

  • Something that ties people to the masjid and their teachers on an ongoing basis

  • Something that people realize is a specialized subject that is difficult to learn from home or from a lecture or two

Most other current Arabic programs are meant for full-time students, and teaches Arabic dialogue, rather than using examples from the Quran. Our curriculum is simplified and focuses on the most common words found in the Quran, working from the most common word, to the least common word. Using our award-winning app technology and specialised curriculum, all students will be able to look at any verse from the Quran and translate it by themselves, with minimal effort.

What you get:

  1. Award-winning mobile app

  2. Full Quranic Arabic curriculum

  3. Teacher support: training and professional development, activities, lesson plan videos

  4. Curriculum partner: practice workbooks, Quran reflection questions, character building Quran study

  5. Admin support: Job descriptions, PR materials, formats, flyer

By having a strong Quranic Arabic program in your community, your members will be more engaged and will really feel the value that your organization provides.

Revitalize your community with an award-winning way to connect to the Quran!

Speak with Imam Adam Jamal about how we can help you elevate your community with Quranic Arabic.

Organizations we work with:

IQRAA Foundation
Medina Academy
Masjid Ash-Shaheed
FAYZA Arabic Centre
Mihraab Foundation
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Fudiawa - Institute of Linguistic Sciences logo
Nur-ul-Huda logo

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