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Here's what our students have to say:

“This class is time efficient, straightforward, and incredibly educational. Learned more from this month-long course than years of Quran learning as a child! I’m now able to read Quranic Arabic with confidence and understand basic grammar rules and pronunciation. I feel blessed and thankful beyond belief. I can now read the Quran and will only get better with the tools taught from this course.”

Rooney on 'Learn to Read Quran: Level 1'

“My favourite thing about this course is the teacher. Also, now I have an increased familiarity with Qur'anic Arabic. Every moment learning Allah's Word is more than worth it, as it portends towards eternal safety.”

Rehan on 'Let's Recite the Quran: Level 2'

“I was amazed at how easy it was. I could actually pick up vocabulary, and it’s within the Quran. That’s what I liked. It didn’t say ‘let’s learn this abstract concept and then, ten years later, we’ll apply it to the Quran’. We were thrown into the Quran from the start. It was simple, and it was great for a busy mother. You made it into bite-sized pieces, in simple language. It’s very practical and simplified, for busy lifestyles. This program is unique.”

Charit on 'Understand: 1, 2, & 3'

“I loved the details. I had never heard of that book [the instructor mentioned], let alone all the things I learnt that were written in it. I now have much deeper understanding of how women aren't just submissive beings meant to exist for men.”

Afsheen on 'Women's Rights in the Quran'

“5 out of 5. This course made me more confident as a woman, while the teacher showed us the confidence of the women before our time. They were so strong and faithful and independent. The teacher is the best story teller and she explains it in the most beautiful way.”

Rukije on 'Women in the Quran'

“With this course, I learned how to make more meaningful Du'a from the best examples in the Qur'an. Now I'm much more knowledgeable about making Du'a. I can even lead a group in Du'a!”

Ibrahim on 'Quranic Supplications

“I really appreciated hearing about the issues in the western world and how to tackle them as a parent. This course taught me to teach children about their deen step by step, while making sure to help them grow in each of their stages. While they are young to let them play, while they are teens to answer them and validate their questions, while they are old to befriend them.”

Issam on 'Quran & Parenting'

“I loved the instructors! I wish they were closer to where I lived so that I can come to them for advice :D They were really easy to understand and knew how to explain things in a way any person could understand. I learned how the husband will be asked on the Day of Judgement what they provided/did for their family. [This class] taught me that marriage in Islam is a lot more simple than what culture makes it out to be.”

Acele on 'Quran & Marriage'

“I loved every part of this course - especially the S.M.A.R.T rule of setting goals. Alhamdulillah I am now motivated me to start working on my goals. And thank you to the instructor. He is very selfless and always willing to help. May Allah reward him with goodness.”

Matty on 'Quran & Self-Improvement'
  • 20+ courses

    From expert instructors

  • 60+ lessons

    Average per course

  • 10 Minutes

    Average per lesson

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the classes live?

    The classes are all pre-recorded, so you can complete the course in your own time, at your own pace. However, our monthly programs do include weekly live classes, and we do host the occasional live-and-free seminars.

  • Is there an age requirement?

    We've had students from ages 8-70+ in our courses and they've all enjoyed it and benefitted. We recommend children under 10 take the classes with an adult.

  • I am fluent in reading, but cannot pronounce the letters. Where should I start?

    Start with the first few Alphabet classes of 'Read: 1', until you're comfortable with the pronunciations, and then move on to 'Read: 2 & 3'.

  • Do you do 1-on-1 tutoring?

    We are now offering one-on-one tutoring for students looking to improve their Quran recitation. You will have 4 sessions a month! Check it out here: getquranic.com/tutors. Or you can subscribe to our All Courses + Tutoring bundle here: getquranic.com/act

  • Do you offer scholarships?

    We never want finances to stand in the way of learning. If you require financial aid, contact us at [email protected] and we will find the best solution for you.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    If you register for lifetime access for one course, or subscribe monthly, and your expectations were not met, then you may email us within 30 days at [email protected] to receive a prompt, no-questions-asked, full refund.