Wouldn't you like to learn about the women in the Quran, who changed the course of history?

In this course, Ustadha Farhat Ahmad Shamsi will discuss the women mentioned in the Quran and the way they affected the world around them, and how we can bring the lessons we learn into our lives.

From the instructor:

"Far from being reticent and oppressed, the women mentioned by God in the Qur'an were the main protagonists of life-changing events in human history. Let's discover and learn from these inspiring, independent women Allah chose to mention in the Quran!"


Hawwa, Hajrah, Maryam, Asiya, Aisha... Allah mentions many women in the Qur'an.

What ties them together? What sets them apart?

How did they approach their challenges and difficulties?

In this course, we will find out who they were, and what they did, and how they are intrinsically connected, each with their own struggles and victories.

  • Course Length

    4 lessons, amassing over 7 hours worth of content Each session lasts 1-hr, with an added 20-30 minutes for a Q&A with our guest instructor.

  • Lesson 1: Hawwa, Hajrah and Maryam

  • Lesson 2: Asiya & Um-Musa

  • Lesson 3: A'isha

  • Lesson 4: Bilqees and the Wives of Lut, Nuh/Aziz

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Women's Rights in the Quran:

In this course you can continue to learn more about the Quran’s perspective of women in Islam.

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What students are saying:

“Subhallah. The webinar beautifully highlighted how vital and pivotal role women have played in defining Islam as we know it. Each session shed a new light at the verses I've been going through since childhood. The class has got me thinking deeply about what femininity means in Islam and in life general. I discussed the content with my family and it started so many constructive discussions. The course has undoubtedly brought me closer to the Quran and with what it means to be a muslim woman in the modern world. Shukran.”


“I loved learning about strong women who literally changed history. This experience for me was to gain knowledge, learn about history of Islam and understand the women who are discussed in the Quran. I am happy to say I got all of that more from this class. ”


“My favorite part was how Ustadha Farhat brought to light the character qualities of the Women in Quran and how she made it relatable to our lives. I now have a deeper understanding of my day to day challenges and how emotional intelligence can be a great resource for women. ”


“I love the depth of which we went into the Women's stories. I have a greater understanding of the stories in the Quran, and am motivated to continue learning.”


“Being a mother, I loved the stories of the believing women, of Hawa, Hajar and the mother of Maryam SubhanAllah. The power of dua and the benefits a mother can do is beyond my understanding. I am constantly trying to become a better mother and having those great examples was really beneficial ❤️”


“This was an amazing way to learn and understand real facts and stories about Women in Islam and how women should or can use the information to help oneself or to better your knowledge about being a woman who follows or wants to follow Islam. ”


“Ustadha was so interactive & engaging and enjoyed all the interesting information she relayed about these strong women in the Quran. I now know the importance of women in the Quran, in Islam and in family. And, as a woman, it makes me feel empowered in my deen Alhamdulillah.”


“I loved this class. It was put together very well. I developed even more great respect for the women who Allah mentioned in The Quran. The teacher brought out the best qualities and characteristics possible and gave us examples for us to follow. I feel so proud to be Muslim and have so many great examples to follow. Alhamdullilah.”


“This course allows you to dig deeper into the verses mentioned about women in the Quran, and to gain an insight into the characters of the women mentioned in the Quran and the reasons why they behaved in such a way. It made me feel more open minded and exposed to different ideas.”


“I have learnt a lot about women in Quran. My favorite is how bold the believing women were. I've gained knowledge that I didn't know before. I am honored and bless to be part of this class. May Allah reward you guys Ameen.”



"The topics that were taught and discussed were so informative. I felt like they have not been taught and discussed like that before on any platform in so much depth and interaction. The teacher is amazing she has a unique style of teaching and keeping the class engaged."


"It's all new for me - the topic, and the way it was explained. I have learned many new things, about many new women mentioned in Quran. I feel Iike I still need to learn more about Quran after this."


"This was a huge niche that had to be filled. And ustadha Farhat did it with a great sincerety. I like her approach. Now, I'm proud of my gender :) I felt part of a bigger family in these seclusion times. I felt like I am not alone."


"5 out of 5. This course made me more confident as a woman, while the teacher showed us the confidence of the women before our time. They were so strong and faithful and independent. The teacher is the best story teller and she explains it in the most beautiful way."


"[With this course] I realised how strong all the women mentioned in the Qur'an are. Regardless of whether or not they were believing women or not. It was really enjoyable and I looked forward to it every weekend. Wished it was everyday. The facilitator is excellent at delivering her message. You come out feeling stronger and really proud of being a muslim woman."

About Your Instructor

Farhat Ahmed Shamsi

Guest Instructor

Ustadha Farhat Ahmed Shamsi began her journey with the Quran after she first began feeling a sense of frustration at not being able to understand the Speech of Allah. Her frustration stemmed from having a filter of someone else’s choice of words between her and God.

By the Grace of Allah she was guided to a course of knowledge, which centered on the language and understanding of every single ayah and surah in the Divine Revelation. A personally challenging journey began in a turbulent time for Muslims in America. Her journey became a passion and source of fulfillment; she had never imagined teaching anyone else what she was learning, except perhaps sharing it with her family.

One day a friend requested Farhat Ahmed to teach her whatever she was learning, and then the student also became a teacher. Her adult study circles grew as she also brought in Islamic educational reforms in her local community and introduced Qur’an tafseer classes for high school and college students. Having studied under highly regarded world-renowned scholars, Farhat Ahmed continues as a student of knowledge, instructor and public speaker with students here in the U.S.A. and abroad.


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Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Women in the Quran 1st class PDF

    3. Women in the Quran 2nd class PDF

    4. Women in the Quran 3rd class PDF summary

    1. 1.1: Introduction to the Course and Creation of Hawaa

    2. 1.2: Our Mother Hawaa and Adam - Part 1

    3. 1.3: Our Mother Hawaa and Adam - Part 2

    4. 1.4: Character Analysis of Our Mother Hawaa

    5. 1.5 - Story of Hajrah

    6. 1.6: ZamZam Well

    7. 1.7: Ancestors of our Prophet

    8. 1.8: Roles of Hajrah - Part 1

    9. 1.9: Roles of Hajrah - Part 2

    10. 1.10: Maryam and her Mother

    11. 1.11: Who is Maryam?

    12. 1.12: Character Analysis of Maryam

    13. 1.13: Maryam's Pregnancy

    14. 1.14: Maryam's Personality and Conclusion

    15. 1.15: Questions and Answers - Part 1

    16. 1.16: Questions and Answers - Part 2

    1. 2.1: Mother's Fear During Pregnancy

    2. 2.2: Instructions to Um-Musa

    3. 2.3: Um-Musa's Character Analysis

    4. 2.4: Musa's Sister

    5. 2.5: Asiya and the Pharaoh

    6. 2.6: Asiya's Beliefs

    7. 2.7: Shu'ayb's Daughter - Part 1

    8. 2.8: Shu'ayb's Daughter - Part 2

    9. 2.9: Analysis of the Women in Musa's Life - Part 1

    10. 2.10: Analysis of the Women in Musa's Life - Part 2

    11. 2.11: Questions and Answers - Part 1

    12. 2.12: Questions and Answers - Part 2

    1. 3.1: Recap and Introduction of Aisha

    2. 3.2: Incident at Campment

    3. 3.3: Aisha's Sorrow and Innocence

    4. 3.4: What is A'isha Like? - Character Analysis

    5. 3.5: Purification - surah an-Noor [verses 11-26]

    6. 3.6: Forgiveness - surah an-Noor [verses 11-26]

    7. 3.7: Moral, Social and Criminal Codes in Surah an-Noor - Part 1

    8. 3.8: Moral, Social and Criminal Codes in Surah an-Noor - Part 2

    9. 3.9: Character Analysis of Aisha - Continuation

    10. 3.10: Questions and Answers - Part 1

    11. 3.11: Questions and Answers - Part 2

    12. 3.12: Conclusion and Homework

    1. 4.1: Bilqees, Queen of Sabaa

    2. 4.2: Bilqees' Personality

    3. 4.3: Wife of Lut and Wife of Nuh - Part 1

    4. 4.4: Wife of Lut and Wife of Nuh - Part 2

    5. 4.5: Wife of Abu Lahab

    6. 4.6: Wife of al-Azeez - Part 1

    7. 4.7: Wife of al-Azeez - Personality

    8. 4.8: Wife of al-Azeez - Character Analysis

    9. 4.9: Different Kinds of Betrayals

    10. 4.10: Khawlah bint Tha'labah

    11. 4.11: Common Traits Between the Women in the Quran

    12. 4.12: Recap

    13. 4.13: Questions and Answers

    14. 4.14: Conclusion and Importance of the Qur'an

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