Arabic is a complex language, because it is one of the few languages with its own unique alphabet. It can be difficult to know where to start.

Because of this, we decided it would be a great idea to introduce a tutor who can help our Quranic students with their Quranic reading - whether it be help with pronouncing letters, or improving recitation fluency.

To access our tutoring service, you need only subscribe to our monthly subscription, which gives you access to all of our courses.


Every month, you will have 2 hours with your tutor, divided into 4 sessions of 30 minutes each.

Each class will have a maximum of 4 students, to give a real classroom feel, but also allow for our tutor to give attention to each student.

Meet Your Tutor

Leanna Abdelmaged

Senior Instructor

Ustadha Leanna’s journey with Quran began after she converted to Islam as an adult. Initially, she started with learning the alphabet in a local masjid in Arizona. She found a Quran teacher in the community and started lessons with her. From there, she went on to take Arabic and fiqh courses with Zaytuna Institute, and a Quran centre in the United Arab Emirates. She now tutors Muslim women one-on-one. Leanna’s preference is to work with those that are just starting their journey with the Quran as she empathizes with their struggles. She prays that Allah (swt) will bless us all with the Quran as a companion in this life and a witness in the next.

Testimonials for our Tutor

“Ustadha Leanna is an excellent instructor. Kind, cheerful and helpful. Even though we had only one hour each week with her [as part of the Road to Ramadan program], the interaction, tips and feedback from her were very useful, and made is easy for me to complete and to be part of course. I like the idea of meeting with instructor regularly. From my point of view it keeps up the motivation.”


“Learning with Ustadha Leanna has made me feel better about reading the Quran, alhamdulillah. She really sticks with all students. Now, I am beginning to see results from all the time I've put in, and have just started reading from a mus'haf without the crutch of English on the side. Thank you so much for being the type of teacher that helps me gain that confidence!”


“I thank Ustadha Leanna for her time and dedication in helping us. I’m very impressed with the job she has done, in combination with how good of a Muslim she is, and how professional and very positive she is, Bismillah Masha'Allah! ”


“Ustadha Leanna makes everyone feel so at ease, masha'Allah. May Allah bless her!”


To access the tutoring service, subscribe to our monthly subscription, and gain access to ALL courses in the process.

*if already subscribed to all Quranic courses, you can upgrade your subscription to include our tutoring service - just email for assistance!